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Welcome to Sunny Side Up

Thanks for joining me. I thought I would start at the very beginning and tell you a little bit about how Sunny Side Up nutrition came to be. I would love to pretend the name came to me instantly, but it took some time. However, once I thought of it I knew instantly it was a fit. So why Sunny Side Up nutrition? If you know me, this will make a lot of sense. If you don't, I hope you get to know me after reading this. Let's get started:

1. Diners- Growing up in NJ, diners have always been one of my favorite places! A place where you can get breakfast all day (and night)! What could be better? (PS. I love breakfast.) My favorite item on the menu. You guessed it... EGGS! Sunny side up is an ode to my home state of NJ and one of my favorite foods. 

2. EGGS- Speaking of eggs, that is the second reason for the name. During the "fat free" era we turned on the yolk. For years eggs were touted as "unhealthy," "too high in cholesterol." That was before we learned that the impact of cholesterol in food has very little impact on the cholesterol in the blood. However, today eggs are considered "healthy." Now I don't usually use the word "healthy" to describe a food, but I am using it making a point. Society changes what it considers "healthy food" all of the time. The EGG is just a prime example of the way nutrition research changes, but I could name a whole bunch. Not only does the research change, many times people over simplify what was studied just to get a good headline. If you have been one of my clients, you have heard me use this example many times. Sunny Side Up represents how eggs (and nutrition) has been misunderstand, misquoted, and mistaken time and time again. Now this is not meant to discourage you. It is meant to make you, stop and think  the next time you call a single food "unhealthy." Food is Food. One food does not have that kind of power over you and your health. More on that later. 

3. Vitamin D (AKA Sunshine)- Vitamin D, is one of my favorite nutrients. It used to be classified as a vitamin, but now understood to be a hormone. (Just another way nutrition science changes and evolves) Why do I love it so much? Our bodies produce it when we are exposed to sunlight. I love Sunshine!  (A little nutrition humor for a sun lover, but don't forget to wear sunscreen). Today I am lucky enough to live in the Sunshine State. The sun, the beach, and the ocean are some of my favorite things. I get to visit experience these things all year round and it really doesn't get old.  Sunny Side Up sounded fitting for a South Florida RD. 

4. Bright Side- I would like to improve the way you think about food, your body, and movement. Food can be enjoyed. We can eat and experience pleasure at the same time. There truly are positive aspects of food and nutrition and we will discuss them here. However, the bright side goes beyond nutrition. Sunny Side is a way of life. It is the practice of looking at a situation and looking for the lessons. It is not easy, but I like to try. My dad would always say, "You can choose to look at the glass as half empty or half full." Today, I choose to look at the sunny side. 

So there you have it. This is what Sunny Side Up nutrition means to me. What will it mean for you? 

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