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Mitola Nutrition

Nutrition Counseling

I'm Alyssa, founder of Mitola Nutrition.

We look forward to working with you on your journey to find freedom with food. At Mitola Nutrition our inclusive approach focuses on the connection to one's body. We utilize principles of intuitive eating, mindful eating, and Health at Every Size to provide individualized nutrition counseling and to help you develop a healthy relationship with food.

Whether you have been struggling with food and your body for years or you are sick of dieting messages everywhere you turn, it is time for a change. We truly believe that all foods fit. Together we will explore how food works in your body and what best fits your lifestyle.

Every person has a story to tell about food. At Mitola Nutrition we will work to understand that story and heal your relationship with food along the way. 


Treatment Focus

Intuitive Eating

Family Nutrition

Health at Every Size

Individulized Care 

Eating Disorder Care

Offering Telehealth Sessions

All sessions have the option of being completed using HIPPA-compliant telehealth platforms. Sessions will be conducted online in secure, personal rooms in a private location.

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25 Hanover Road

Suite 120

Florham Park, New Jersey


Phone: 754-702-7868

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